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Rome City Life - Restaurants

Shopping in Rome

All you need to know about the Eternal City

When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere. Saint Ambrose

To go window-shopping in Rome can be a very exciting and funny experience: shop windows are usually arranged in a very attractive way. Moreover, shopping in the "eternal city" is affordable for any budget: if you're looking for clothes, jewellery, books or antiques you'll always find something that suits both your taste and your pockets. But, if you are looking for a Mall, with a large group of shops built together under the same roof, you won't find one in Rome.

Leather goods of all kinds such as gloves, belts, bags and jackets, silks and knitwear are the best buys you can make in Rome. Fashion's boutiques may be slightly less expensive here than in other European countries, in USA or even in Australia. Traditional Italian handicrafts, such as pottery or hand-woven textiles, are not easy to find but really appreciated by tourists.
Old prints and antiques, on the contrary, can be easily found and collectors can rely on the prestigious reputations of some Roman antiques dealers.
Designer perfumes, such as Laura Biagiotti or Armani, may be bought at a reduced price in the so-called "profumerie" (perfumes and cosmetics stores) which can be found in every major shopping street. If you want to get an extra discount you may ask for a "prezzo scontato" or discounted price. You can also get marvellous bargains when goods are sold "on sale". Summer sales run from July to early September while winter sales run from early January to mid-February.

Where to shop in Rome

The best shopping streets are located near Piazza di Spagna, at walking distance from the centre:

Shops in Rome usually open at 9.30 am while closing time changes according to the seasons: in winter they close at 7 o'clock while in summer they usually extend their activity till 8 o'clock. Small boutiques might not open until 10 am and the afternoon hours might be further shortened. Unfortunately, most of the shops in Rome close at lunch time, normally from 1pm to 3pm, but don't worry you could eat a slice of pizza or have an ice-cream on the meanwhile. Larger shops and department stores, such as La Rinascente or Coin, usually stay open from 9.30am to 7.30pm, without any break. If you are planning a long weekend stay in Rome remember that many shops are closed on Mondays morning.

If you wish to buy food or wine you should visit the famous Campo de' Fiori market, a very picturesque and ancient market. Many bakeries and delicatessen nearby the square sell very good food, too. Moreover a lot of wine cellars, called enoteche, offer wine tasting of the best Italian and International wines.
If you like coffee, have a try in Caff Greco, Babington's Tearooms, Caff Rosati, Caff Canova or Caff Sant'Eustachio (in Piazza Sant'Eustachio).