Hotels in Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Located on the island São Miguel, in the group of Portuguese islands of Azores, Ponta Delgada developed following the trail of the ancient port and the sea. A landscape that seems magical, thanks to the shape of the volcanic soil, a temperate climate that makes pleasant your stay, plunged into the sea that binds to the sky. The city of Ponda Delgada, located in one of the nine islands of the Azores, Sao Miguel, has the merit of having developed over time with wisdom, to be today, with its 65 thousand inhabitants, the more populous city, as well as the largest, of all the Azores.

With regards to the history of Ponta Delgada, everything starts centuries ago, when the Portuguese from the regions of Extremadura, Alentejo and Algarve, who settled here (we are in the fifteenth century), started taking advantage of the coves in the area for fishing, and exploiting the valuable geographic location of the island, between Europe and the Americas.

The city is developed around the port: here begin the settlements and it is still possible to see where the line of the sea meets the land, highlighting the mark s of civilization.

Throughout the city you can breathe the 500 years of history, thanks to the presence of historic buildings. Do not miss the Praça Gonçalo Velho, from which unfold lush gardens and ancient buildings.

Further info about Ponta Delgada

The many hotels in Ponta Delgada, have cleverly combined the respect for the environment with the ultimate in comfort: from these places of refreshment and peace can start the visits to the now extinct volcanoes (some of which can be explored by canoe as covered with water), activities that are passionate divers, and above all the sightings of whales.

Those who wants to relax instead, can spend the whole day on the beaches of Pópulo and Água d'Alto.

Fun is guaranteed in the many clubs of Ponta Delgada, a city that in certain periods, celebrates traditional events, such as the Carnival or the famous Batalha das Limas, the water battle, in which the inhabitants of the city fight in the streets shooting with weapons filled with water.

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Ponta Delgada - 214 Hotels

11 4 star hotels, 70 Apartments...

4 star hotelHotel Talisman

Hotel Talisman

Rua Marques Da Praia E Monforte, 40, Ponta Delgada

Hotel Talisman is located in downtown Ponta Delgada, on the tiny island of Sao Miguel and overlooks a beautiful park. The hotel combines the best of tradition and modernity and offers a classical interior design...

4 star hotelHotel Marina Atlântico

Hotel Marina Atlântico

Avenida João Bosco Mota Amaral n.º1, Ponta Delgada

Hotel Marina Atlântico is located on the main street of Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores. This luxury hotel is surrounded by ocean and enjoys a unique and fascinating atmosphere.

3 star hotelHotel Canadiano

Hotel Canadiano

Rua Do Contador Nº24 A, Ponta Delgada

Hotel Canadiano is situated on the island of Sao Miguel, close to many tourist attractions, such as the Carlos Machado Museum, Jose do Canto Garden, the palace of the President –Santana-, the University of the...

3 star hotelVila Nova Hotel

Vila Nova Hotel

Rua João Francisco Cabral 1 / 3, Ponta Delgada

Vila Nova Hotel is located in the old city of Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores islands, a short distance from the international Airport. Many attractions are nearby, such as the ancient Convento da Esperança...

 Residencial Sete Cidades

Residencial Sete Cidades

Rua Do Contador, 20, Ponta Delgada

Residencial Sete Cidades is located in the heart of Ponta Delgada, the largest city of the Azores island, in Sao Miguel. The hotel is set in an excellent position to explore the many attractions of the island such...

3 star hotelHotel Ponta Delgada

Hotel Ponta Delgada

Rua Joao Francisco Cabral, 49, Ponta Delgada

Hotel Ponta Delgada is located in the heart of Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores. Nearby are many tourist attractions of the island, including the splendid Church of the Holy Christ.

4 star hotelVIP Executive Azores Hotel

VIP Executive Azores Hotel

Rotunda de São Gonçalo nº 131 – S. Pedro, Ponta Delgada

Vip Executive Azores Hotel is located in Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel island. The city's historic centre, the port and the airport are within short distance. The cozy and comfortable rooms are equipped with all...

4 star hotelThe Lince Azores Great Hotel

The Lince Azores Great Hotel

Av D João III, 29, Ponta Delgada

The Lince Azores Great Hotel is located just a few minutes from the beach of Ponta Adelgardo. The hotel provides rooms featuring cable television, working desk and enjoying wonderful views over the sea, mountains...

Casa Caloura

 Casa Caloura

Cerco Nº30 Caloura Agua De Pau, Ponta Delgada

A House In Azores

ApartmentA House In Azores

Estrada Regional da Relva Nº 272 9500-655 Ponta Delgada, Ponta Delgada